6month old with table food. Is it ok

Now all my kids are early eaters.
My first was on rice cereal by 5months, he was on baby food by 6months, by 10months he had table food and his formula and toddler snacks.

My second was on cereal by 3months, solids at 4months, table food by 8 months along with his formula.

But now my 6month old vincent was on just shy of 3months, 3.5months started baby food, now he has had puffs, and he had chicken small bites from me, green beans from me, and he had carrots. He gums them well, and i make it so small that he couldnt choke on it. He still gets 5-7botttles a day which is 4oz at every bottle time. He had 2bottles without solids, he has 2bottles before solids, 1 bottle before bed

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    Caroline is at 6 ounces at a time, 4-5 bottles a day, eats baby food stage 2, but it doesnt seem to fill her, lately we have been giving her small bites of our food, and she seems to be more satisfied now. she 7 months today. she can pick up food on her own and feed herself. Mikey was the same, he started solid food early, he let us know he was ready by walking over in his little walker and taking pizza crust off our plate lol. as long as your baby seems happy with the solid food, and isnt having difficulties swallowing, keep at it.
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