When can babies sit

My daughter is 4 months almost 5 months and she can hold her posture and sit but leans to the sides with her arms out holding her up, I'm sure by 6 months she will have it down. She sits in her booster chair well while playing with her toys.

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    My daughter is 5 months and she can sit by herself! She is still a little wobbly, though we keep the bobby pillow around her so she can fall back safely. She is very good when she leans forward to catch herself so she does not fall and is able to push herself up on her arms doing tummy time.
      My kids were late sitters... and crawlers and walkers... lol.. I don't know if had anything to do with it, but I had big chunky babies.. both were 9 1/2 pounds and continued to be cherubic and round.. I always thought that it was hard for them to sit up with that big round belly in their way, but who knows if that's true... 7 months and maybe closer to 8... they were doing everything else they ere supposed to do, so I wasn't worried... so all good... I loved watching them try and then topple over.. I miss that age...
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