What are you looking forward to the most?

I hear the whole country has had a pretty tough winter. Living in Montana it's nothing new up here. We've had a lot of 30 below days so me and the little man have been stuck indoors all winter. Needless to say the cabin fever hit a LONG time ago. It's still really cold, there's still snow on the ground but what's keeping me sane is everything I'm looking forward to this year. Charlie is 12 weeks old. He'll be crawling by the time it's warm enough outside, so I can't wait for him to crawl around in the grass. So many new smells and sights, so much to touch and hear. I'm looking forward to the huge garden I have planned for the year (woohoo free baby food!). My mother will be moving up here soon and living in one of my fiance's rental homes. It will be great for Charlie to have more family here as the rest of my family is all in California. My fiance and I are having a short wedding ceremony in May, followed by the baptism of our son. So much to do and I'm looking forward to all of these wonderful memories. What are you looking forward to?

    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds like you have a lot too look forward to this spring! I would too!

    I am looking forward to warmer weather, long days, sunshine and getting our garden in for sure.
      Spring we're going hiking and this summer getting married.
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