The life of a young mom.

I have always been very headstrong and dependent. I have always been strong with my beliefs. When I found out I was pregnant I never thought if any other option other than keeping her. I could never. The father and I have been together since 2011 and are still just as in love as we ever were.The other day we decided to start planning for our next baby. In 2 years we will once again grow our family and love. We both believe a child should grow in a happy healthy home. We are looking at houses and looking at better jobs, and looking at dogs and pets, and schools for our first born. It's all bittersweet. I love having a child be so dependent on you and knowing it needs you with unconditional love.We were very young with our first but got through it and she is such a happy healthy toddler. She has recently been diagnosed with lactose intolerance, but we accepted it and over came it.

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    8Theresa Gould
    What a sweet story. It sounds like you all are happy, healthy and have adjusted to life as young parents. It's fun to plan and think about the future!
    8Theresa Gould
    I like planning too! Good thing because my hubby doesn't, ha!
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