I am so glad that I found this forum!!! So whats great on this site?

Im looking to make new friends, anyone just want to talk?

    8Theresa Gould
    Hi Kym! Welcome to Moms.com! Glad you found us too!

    You can use the search button to search topics that are of interest to you.

    Moms Expertise (third icon in the left side bar) is chock full of topics to learn and respond with your own experience.

    Mom's Moments is where we share photos of moments out of our day .

    The last icon in the left side bar is Find Moms and you can look for moms in your area.
    Thank you very much Theresa!!! :)
    Nice to meet you new friend!!! :) I have 5 boys and one girl. My boys are 8,6,5,and twins are 2 and my daughter is 7 weeks old. Currently I work from home building my own business. I am an Independent Ambassador for Plexus worldwide-Plexus slim. How about you, what do you do? How old are your babies?
    I just started my own business. Being an ambassador or a consultant of any sort is one of the fastest ways to get started. I personally prefer this way because I hate working for anyone else, there is always so much animosity in the workforce and I hate drama. I would rather have drama with myself lol. But deft lets connect I can help you come u with a solution. There is lots out there you just have to know what your looking for.
      I'm looking for the same, Kym! Message me if you want! :)
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      I am a vet mother of 6 children. Currently I am in the process of building up my home based business and am looking for other mothers to build lasting friendships with.