Best part of being a mom?

What do you think the best part of being a mom is?

I'm going to go with a weird few things.

I liked changing diapers. It was a bonding moment between my daughter and I.

I loved snuggling when she was really little.

I love having a conversation with her now and watching how her little mind works.

What are you favourite moments?

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    The embarrassing things that they say in public
    Some of my proudest moments when they play sports
    their first words
      I love breastfeeding and cuddling with my babies. I love the special bond that we form. I love to smell their yummy little baby head. I love to kiss their perfect fingers and perfect toes. I love to watch their brain work when they discover something new. I love to see the look on their face when they see mommy is back after being away.
        Gosh it's all the best part to me because becoming a mom was like the missing piece of my puzzle but so far my favourite moments are:
        *Feeling his little arms wrapped around me when I hold him close
        *When I go to take him out of his crib in the morning and he smiles when he sees me
        *When I kiss his cheeks and it makes him giggle.
        I am looking forward to watching his personality develop, finding out what he likes and dislikes and all those sort of things as he gets older.
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