Be brutally honest - How long does your baby sleep without waking?

So many moms want to their baby to sleep through the night and they feel like something is wrong if their baby doesn't sleep through the night.

How old is your baby and how long does your baby sleep without waking? Be honest about what an average night looks like, no bragging about the amazing random night where your baby slept for 12 hours straight.

What is your best advice to give to a new mom struggling with a baby waking frequently?

My 3yr still wakes up during the night and cries for us! My 17month old wants to breastfeed every 2-4 hours and then usually falls right back to sleep. My 17 month old picks one or two nights a week that she thinks playtime is at 2am.

If I got enough sleep maybe I would get to dream about getting sleep. Right now I am just a walking zombie hoping that I will get sleep again, someday in the future.

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    Oh there is no right time lol. I think kids have a mind clock of their own. I have 3 year old that still wake up at 12am ready for breakfast and fun. I just dont know, I look forward to when they are sleeping in jk but not really!!! Best of luck
      4 hours, then 3 hours after soothing her.
        Well my son is 14 weeks (just over 3 months) and he was juuust starting to sleep through the night (6-7 hours straight) when he went through another developmental phase and started waking up every hour to half hour. After a week of that and thinking I was never going to get my good sleeper back he's slowly getting back into his old schedule again now and the last few days has slept about 5 hours straight. Which is awesome because I've been really sick.
          Freddie was doing really well, sleeping through the night, and this past week, he has been completely off schedule. First of all, he didn't feel really good on Monday night. He had horrible gas pains, to where we couldn't do anything to soothe him. We tried everything and anything imaginable. Since then, he's been completely off, which means I have had about 8 hours of sleep for four nights straight. I really hope he gets back to the way he had been before. I am running on empty and very zombie like.
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