Who is your favorite at what time of day??

Ok.. yes, I love my kids equally... BUT... they are so different sometimes, that there are certain things that I adore about each of them.. more.. lol..

Like my daughter is a happy morning person and I LOVE that... she's happy and upbeat and positive and my son.. is a grump.. he needs his alone and quiet time and I feel like I walk on egg shells with him or he can stay grumpy...

And bedtime my son is awesome.. 7:30 he's first to brush his teeth and pee and get into bed and read until I get there, where as my daughter is a little more naughty with that... stalls and complains that she's either not tired or too tired to brush her teeth...

My daughter is up for anything I make.. My son is picky and if it looks "weird" he won't even try it....

Of course one is not my favorite at ALL times.. but totally some times...


    4Kerri Nino
    OK FAVORITES>>>>>>>
    LOL we all have them!! my oldest I love his stubborn self that knows it all! but mostly I love that I can talk to him like he is a real kid finally!!! not cut many corners on talking and he understands so much because he is super smart!
    my second I love in the evenings cause he wants to cuddle up all the time and is constantly passing out hugs to all!!!
    My daughter well,,,,,she is my late night snack partner!!
    and Justin well...im not yet sure of...lol he is probably my favorite cause he is the easiest!!
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