Does anyone take anything for sleep?

I've never been a great sleeper.. even before kids and after.. ugh... you know how that goes... I just can't turn my brain OFF... I had tried every holistic thing out there.. from mediation, to aromatherapy, to melatonin to benadryl... everything.. NOTHING works or if it works and I FALL asleep.. when I wake up at 1 or 2.. I can never get BACK to sleep...

I finally went to a doctor.. tried ambient (and ate everything I had and skyped with old boyfriends) soooo THAT's not for me.. lol.. I tried xanax but felt drugged and like crap ALL the next day... I finally found restoril... at the lightest dose.. and it has SAVED my life.. and sleep and mood and I actually have more energy during the day.. I was always worried that something would knock me out where I wouldn't be able to rally of my kids needed me, but the restoril doesn't knock me out, it just takes the edge off, calms my mind and body... not a jelly calm... but just a peaceful calm and I don't feel sleepy,, but once I lay down... I'm good to go...AND... if my kids call out or need me, I still hear everything and am not loopy getting up if they need me.. and if I DO get up.. the best part? I can fall back asleep and theres NO hangover.. I wake up like I didn't take a thing.

I felt terrible on over the counter stuff... I don't love to take prescriptions but this is necessary for me..

Anyone else?

    Do you feel fatigued all the time or just at night?
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