Am I the only one who ges scared at baby faces?

My son is a month old and he has a certain face he makes that scares me. His ees roll back in his head and his mouth quivers into a smile.It looks very scary, especially when he starts moving his head side to side. Do I have a possessed baby?

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    LOL.. I remember thinking my son was creepy too... In the middle of the night he would look at me with these big eyes and weird half smile.. and I thought what is wrong with ME that my baby is creeping me out... Most of their facial expressions are just their muscles moving mostly involuntarily...

    I don't think your baby is possessed, but if the eye roll continues and is head goes back and you feel like he's stuttering in his movements or can't cath his breath then ask your doctor.. babies are weird sometimes.. and yes.. sort of scary ...

    Do you really worry? Can you take a picture of him like this? maybe outside perspective with tell you that he's actually really cute and just making weird baby faces... ??
    I think if that keeps happening you need to tell your baby doctor. Baby's don't know what face they are making at times. My son way crying really loud so I did the same thing. And he stopped and looked at me like what are you doing. He doesn't do that anymore. And if your really worried about it. Pray over him when its happening . Praying over my son always makes me feel better. Because I know God loves him more then I ever can. And he can fix anything that wrong with him.
      Oh no I dont think he's actually possessed. He does this right before falling asleep and after he gets the boob. It is scary sometimes especially in the early morning when its dark and the only light is coming from the tv. Just thought it was a funny little blurb to share with all the mommies on here :)
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        As soon as I grab for my phone or tablet or camera he stops and stares at me then lets his eyelids fall. Smart little boy
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