This IEP meeting cannot come soon enough

Bub had another rough day at school today. He shuts down when overwhelmed and his teacher has been sending him to the guidance counselor when he needs a break. The guidance counselor talked with him for a little bit, reiterated the coping strategies we have been trying to implement and took him back to class.

Upon returning the class was taking a test and once again bub got upset. It was on material (I believe) they went over last week, and he was absent two days last week for the testing he had done. So, cue meltdown (the counselor hadn't even left yet) so he took him back out for a breather.

When the guidance counselor called we talked more in depth about strategies to help little bub in class. Dr. C and I had talked about some things, but he really wants to know what Bub's triggers are in class. It's hard because I very rarely see these behaviors at home. Bub has mentioned that the noise level in the class bothers him. I personally think he correlates the classroom environment to instant panic mode, like with the test when he went back to the room.

I know asperger's is no ones fault. But some nights I sit here and feel so mad at myself for not pushing for the diagnosis sooner. There's no point in placing blame on myself, or the pediatrician though. It wasn't my parenting and it's not the teacher... it's simply that he has a differently wired brain and we have GOT to figure out how to help him.

That my dears is my ramble for tonight. Keep little bub in your thoughts please, he's having a rough time right now.

    Awww, I am sorry to hear he had a rough day. When is your IEP meeting? I highly recommend getting an advocate to come to the meeting with you. Is he in therapy? A therapist should be able to help come up with different coping techniques.

    Good luck and let us know how everything goes.
    Katie, yes he is in therapy. The therapist is working in conjunction with me and the school to develop his IEP . I feel lucky because the school has been GREAT about working with us in regards to this. We've already started with some basic things in class for him like behavior modifications and different coping skills they are working with him on that were recommended by his therapist, Dr. C.

    Thanks for the well wishes! :D
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