Labor...How rough was it?

I'm really interested in hearing some labor stories. I recently gave birth to a baby boy and it was somethig I still have nightmares about.

I woke up with really bad backpains around 11 in the morning and spent the day at home trying to decide whether it was Braxton Hicks or the real deal. When my boyfriend came home from work he called the hosptal to talk to someone in the OB department. They said since it was my first child I would have a couple days wth pains. Finally at 1 in the morning I couldnt take it and went to the ER.

They admitted me at 2:30 and I was 4 centimeters dilated. I didn't give birth to my son util 1:15 pm. The pain of my contractions were excruciating. I sounded like a ghost according to my boyfriend, however I'm certain ghosts can't scream the way I did.

Over 24 hours of horrific pain. There's no greater feeling than having your little creation in your arms, but it does make me very nervous to try for another one.

    With my daughter, I was induced. It was rougher for sure, but she was also my first so I have no idea if it was the pitocin or just the "first birth" that made it hard.

    With my son I began having contractions during my daughter's fifth birthday party. They didn't hurt really, but everything got really tight and I would feel tired, like I needed to sit down.

    That night we went to L&D, they told me I was at 2 and could either stay or go home. I opted to go home, we were back at around 8 AM. Still, I felt discomfort but not terrible pain. I had him at 10:30 AM and it was so much easier for me that time. It didn't feel good, mind you! But it wasn't awful.

    That said, I think like every pregnancy that every birth is probably different as far as duration and pain go. That definitely was the case for me.
      I wasn't in that much pain. I was uncomfortable and exhausted. It was almost 15 hours between when my water broke and contractions started and then it was another 30 hours from there. Because of how things started I had to be monitored and on pitosin. I made it through with only IV pain meds, just to help me get some sleep. An epidural frightened me more than the pain. It wasn't until I got to 9cm that things got really bad. My husband says different, I think it was all a blur to me.
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