What's the BEST diaper rash cream... I'll tell you what I've found

Hi, Mom's =)
I just wanted to share what I've found for the "best" diaper rash cream. I have a little 2 year old with leukemia, and in consequence the awful chemo treatments, he's sadly experienced his fair share of extreme diaper rash's, including skin breakdown and bleeding. I've tried everything, including prescription creams, but with no success for his poor little bottom. That is until another mother who was going through the same thing brought me some stuff from a health food store called, "Bone Flesh and Cartilage" by Dr. Chrostopher. Ihave no idea what is in it, however, I feel like its a miracle cream!! Hope that will be helpful for you all. =)

Happy Moming!

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    Amanda Hurley
    Thank you Marj. I will have to look for that one. Oh, and welcome to Moms.com. I don't think I have seen you around.
    Thank you, Amanda! Yeah... I'm new. I just found this site this evening. =)
    Thanks, Elena =)
    I'm glad I found this site! It looks like it will be fun to have conversations, and learn new things from you!
    Hey, Meg =)
    Thank you for your kind welcome! My little boy is doing much better now. His doctors are all very encouraged about his prognosis. He is definitely a fighter!
      Welcome Marj! Thanks for the tip! I also heard a tip from a friend with two little ones. She makes her own wipes and said neither of her babies have had diaper rash since. Her wipes consist of Vive paper towels- the 'pick your size' kind- and baby oil. That's it. She said some people add soap but they work just fine without it. She puts them already pulled apart towels in a wipe container then adds the oil. She swears by it! Maybe a thought too!
        Thank you so much, Cassaundra. That's a great idea! I'm going to try that!
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