Baby massage benefits.

I noticed my daughter has been fussy for the last 2 weeks and found out it wasnt teething, it was a harmless white bump on her gum. Shushing and rocking worked for awhile, but I started to massage her before her naps, and bedtime and noticed a great decline in her fussiness.
Benefits: Decreases stress hormones
Better sleep
Stimulates growth
Easing colic
Teething pain
Tummy troubles
Strenghthens Immune and circulatory system
Decreases aggressive behavior.
Try a massage next time your having trouble settling down your baby, or child.

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      i did some with my oldest it helped
        I took some baby massage classes with my first child and they were so beneficial! I think they were relatively inexpensive1
          Virginia... oooo foot massages are wonderful!
            Virginia that is too cute! She is learning young!
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