Fussiness in the evening

Babies cry when something is wrong or when they are wet or hungry. Their communication is through crying. If baby is not hungry or wet then try to
give baby a massage with lotion, some babies find stroking soothing.
Dim the lights and shut off the TV or music. Too much stimulation can get on a newborn's nerves.
Check the temperature in your house: Baby could be too hot or too cold.
Check baby's clothes: Hot, tight, or confining clothes can cause tears to flow.
Try the colic hold: Lay baby face down on your forearm, cradle her close to your body, and rock her back and forth.
Watch your diet: If you're nursing and regular soothing tips don't help, try eliminating: dairy, caffeine, onions & other potentially irritating foods from your diet, like broccoli or other gassy foods.

Moms Expertise
    We call that night time fussiness the "witching hour"... sometimes there just is NO reason they're fussing.. that period of time between 4-6... too early for dinner, too later to go to the park... the babies feel it... they tend to get restless and needy at the time where you need to make dinner or clean up for the night... it passes, but my kids at 7 and 9 STILL can get agitated around that time...
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