How is someone supposed to feel when they find out another woman had your husbands baby?! Didn't cheat but is fathering another woman's kid. ugh. not trying to let all my business out but what am i supposed to do? how am i supposed to deal with this? I have never felt so crushed in my life.

    him and I split up before we got married and he went back to his ex the one he has his son with, but didnt tell me she could possibly be pregnant till the day she text and told him she was. We have been married a lil over 5 months now and the baby is 3 or 4 weeks old and we just got the dna back for it.
      We do talk about it but I am very emotional as is it and this is just so hard to take in. I wouldn't ever leave my husband over this. i'm totally depressed now. he says that we will try for one but that's not something i want to hear nor talk about. i feel like it would just be pity.
        Well, we kept the baby Saturday night. I tried to bond with the baby as much as I possibly could. My husband said I took the baby away from him lol
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