Do you drink alcohol when you are breastfeeding?

I found this great article explaining how much alcohol is safe to drink when you are breastfeeding your baby.

I will have an occasional drink when I am breastfeeding. I always wait at least one hour before I breastfeed my baby after I drink alcohol. I will never feed my baby while I still feel the alcohol. I have never found the need to pump and dump. I think that moderation is key and that as long as I am only drinking occasionally and not drinking to get totally wasted, it shouldn't be a problem.

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    Amanda Hurley
    With all of my children, except Connor, I drank while breastfeeding. Its a matter of moderation.
      Amanda Muir
      Yes I would have wine while I was breastfeeding. Less than 2% of the alcohol gets into your milk. Also a good time to have a drink is while you are actually breastfeeding. It's not a direct line to the milk. lol. It takes a bit of time for it to get into your bloodstream and then into your milk. Unless you are drinking excessively and getting drunk it is fine to have a drink or two and breastfeed.
        I wont and refuse to drink while i'm breastfeeding.I haven't drank alcohol in 3 years, i'm not much of drinker either though. I read a saying once that 'If your drunk, your milk is drunk' It's best to pump and save some breastmilk for those days when you want to drink.
          My sister will do a sip here and there. But not much at all-just in case. I refuse.
          My sister in law used to drink a glass of wine a night just to make 'the baby sleep'. All of her kids have learning disabilities...Coindence? I think not....
          I do think a glass here and there will not hurt. But wait and let your body process it.. Like feed baby, drink your glass and by the time baby is ready to eat again you're good. But I have never tried that theory though seen my sister do it that way and her kids are fine.
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