Hubby took the pull-ups away and....wa-la!

Most of you know our youngest son "Jr." hasn't shown much interest in potty training and has gone in spurts. Today hubby tried a bit of tough love and took the pull-ups away from him. Jr. is quite adept at changing his own pee pee pull-ups so hubby put them up high on a shelf. After a bit of a fussy rant, he's been in "under roos" and hasn't had an accident. Wa-la! Progress. Here's to hoping it continues!

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, we will still use them for night time, for now at least. We'll work on night time after daytime is going strong. :)
      Wow! Congrats little / big guy! i know my son was MUCH harder to potty train than my girls! My last one (girl) was SO easy it was amazing! after my son I did not know how I got so lucky! Glad you have crossed the bridge!
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