Good Saturday Morning ladies

I'm just getting up for the day, had such a long and busy day yesterday that I had no time to even get on here for a minute last night. I got ready for bed right before getting the kids ready for bed and as soon as I had them sleeping I went to bed myself. I sure feel like I got a good night sleep so that is good. Sara's class had a play at a High School yesterday and they did well, I wanted to take some pics but my darn phone kept acting up so I couldn't get anything. Tim helped out big time yesterday, I was so happy since it was his day off and he could help me out like that, when we got home everything was in one piece, he doesn't usually get to stay with the kids like that due to his work schedule and I'm always home with the kids it works out good that way. I did a head count when I got home yesterday for my kids and counted 2 extra kids, Emily and Jordan both had a friend over. I'm feeling pretty good this morning and feel great since I got a good night's sleep. Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend.

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My name is Michelle Fritch. I have been married to my husband Tim for 16 years and together we have nine children, Tim has four older children from a previous marriage totaling 13 children for him. Tim is a Railroad Engineer and I am a Stay At Home Mom.