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The day we conceived I had a weird feeling almost like a slight vibration down there. It was something I never felt before and thought I was pregnant. Within a week or so my stomach was upset and my boobs were tender. I took a pregnancy test about a week after my missed period to confirm. I waited longer since my husband had been traveling for work and wanted to see the results together. Kaitlyn was born 41 weeks to the date she was conceived.

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    Oh no that's scary I've had a bit of vibration down there for a couple days now. I switched from the depo shot to the pill about a week an a half ago and have had sex and missed a couple pills. Hopefully my depos still in my system. Its just really weird you said something about that vibration feeling Cuz I've never felt it before until now. I thought I was just a lil crazy lol.
      It is a weird feeling. My ob said she had heard about though did not have any patients that said they experienced it.
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