Why kids don't clean up

Okay mamma's so how many of you have told your kids "go clean your room"? only to go in there and see them playing with the toys? MMHHHMM yep I told them to clean up, an hour ago and guess what? Its still a pig sty lol cure?
I go in and make a game out of cleaning- worst case scenario? bribery. A dollar to who ever cleans up the fastest. I works.

    We don't have toys in our kids' room, this is because my Autistic son will start to play with toys at 2 or 3AM and not sleep well. It's a distraction, I guess. But we do have a playroom...and WOW what a mess! I try get my 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old to help pick up, but usually it's a losing battle. I think they honestly have too many toys! I'm not above bribery. You could make it a dollar allowance kind of thing, and have them save their dollars for a special occasion or shopping trip. :)
      lol my whole house is a play room hahah, so sad :(.. But yes I will bribe my kids depending on what the circumstance is I too am not above it.. gotta do what you gotta do
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