Implanon Users?

I just got my Implanon taken out after almost 2 years of use. I had some CRAZY periods that lasted for weeks on end. Hated it.

MariaRichland, Michigan
    OO I was going to get one of those, Im tired of having kids lol and my husband just doesnt get it :/ what is your take on it?
    My experience with the Implanon was this...
    It works GREAT. But here's why (for me anyway).
    My libido was SHOT and we literally didn't dtd for months, talk about putting a lot of strain on a relationship!
    I nursed my youngest (23 months) for 21 months, and had my first real PP AF the month after that. I bled for 3 weeks and then started another period a week after I stopped the 1st one. The bleeding was interfering with my life and I was concerned about becoming anemic, so I had it removed. You might like the Nuva Ring better, do some reach on it, but to me it sounds pretty good. At least you can take it out if you are having issues (take it out yourself I mean), I can't take it because I have migraines and tingling in my hands during the no estrogen for me. Look into it though, I think it'd be easier to manage than the Implanon. Or maybe an IUD?
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