We live with my bfs mom, her husband, and their son. So there is 6 people in our house. We have 4 pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Our cat, Maisy, was a stray and we took her in as a 3 month old kitten. She is now almost a year old on April 18th.She loves Kailene and lets her brush her, carry her, snuggle her, anything. She is so well behaved. She is a carrier of respitory infections in felines so cold weather makes her sick. She is doing better. The other cat, King, we adopted as a Christmas present when the husbands kitten died. It was a stray also, but we hadn't gotten to it in time. The vet couldn't help it. Maisy goes to the vet regularly. The dogs are loud and obnoxious. We love them though. We had Dallas, the shepard, since May 2012. Katy, the whippet, was here since my bf was younger. They are very good dogs, just barkers. I don't ever feel nervous with my daughter being around them, I get asked frequently. I grew up with animals, I want my daughter to do the same.

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