My little Peanut

Avery only weighed 15lbs 5oz at her 9 month check up. She's still on the same growth curve she's always been on and she's actually hitting 12mo old milestones so the doctor isn't worried. Plus I was only 17lbs at 1yr and my husband was 18lbs at 1yr. We're just little people I guess :P

I was really hoping she'd hit 16lbs thought. It's silly but we got a whole bunch of size 3 diapers MONTHS ago but she isn't big enough for them yet. It was a gift from MIL. I figured if she hit the minimum weight of 16lbs I could fudge her into them and save some money on diapers. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer...

Does anyone else here have little peanut babies? Did your kids average out as they grew up or are they still small?

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    My little girl is also our little peanut. She is long and thin though growing just fine. We just got to open up size 2 diapers we got for gifts. We had to buy a bunch of size ones until the next size fit her. At some point your daughter will need the next size and you want to wait until they fit well so they do not leak. Just think you will not need to buy diapers once she fits them!
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