I am... a camel.

Or at least I feel like it.. did you find yourself drinking loads upon loads of water while being pregnant? It's my go to.. I carry a tumbler EVERYWHERE with me.. so much so that as my husband and I left to go grocery shopping the other day.. we were pulling out of the driveway and I GASPED.. and said "I forgot my water"... he paused and said "do you want to go get it"... I said "nah.. I'll be fine".. then he said.. "go get it" haha

And I am glad he made me.. it feels like my life line.. it's so weird.​

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    I drank water a lot when i was pregnant especially the second time. My first pregnancy I drank a lot of water but I also drank a lot of soda and milk. With my second pregnancy I would drink a small glass of coffee in the morning than drink either ice water or tea the rest of the day. I didn't like the taste of milk and anything that had sugar in it left a funky aftertaste. I had a very limited pallet during my second pregnancy. There were so many things that I couldn't eat or drink during my second pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I wasn't near as limited. With both spicy foods were a favorite.
    Random strange fact. I read somewhere that mamas who favored spicy food, especially near time for delivery had amniotic fluid that smelled spicy. I thought it was hilariously strange.
      I've read it's normal. When I first read this title though, I was like "Oh no, pregnancy brain has gotten the absolutely best of Meg!" Haha, yay for taking things the wrong way. Keep that baby hydrated, pretty mama!
        Amanda Hurley
        I am on an ice kick. I usually get like this in my third trimester. I go to McDonalds quite a bit just to get a cup of ice that I can chew on.
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