I have been looking into tub birth, is it less painful than regular? any experience?

is tub birth safe? can anyone share a positive experience with natural tub births?

5Marissa MelvilleBuellton, California
    8Theresa Gould
    I have only heard good things about water births, though I haven't done one myself.
      I tried the bath tub with my first son, in my experience it was awful. It so uncomfortable . You still have all the wires on and everything They make you sit a certain way and your belly is so huge and that tub is hard and makes the pain worse sitting like you have to in there. It was so uncomfortable I told them I didn't want to do it anymore and moved back to the bed. This was just my experience I hear some people enjoy it. If you are unsure, right before you give birth, go run a bubble bath and sit in it for 20-30 minutes.. If you start to get uncomfortable then water birth isn't for you.
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