It has been a week. Talk about a roller coaster.

​I haven’t talked to anybody at work all week that didn’t start the conversation. I have tried to mind my own because I don’t have anything to say anyway. Today I wandered over to the shipping area to talk to CL. He had tried talking to me yesterday and got interrupted by someone else. When I seen he wasn’t busy and I was waiting for my machine to get up and running just getting stuff together to be able to do my job for the day I walked over to say Hi.

CL and I use to talk quite a bit the last time I was working there and haven’t seen him in 8 months. We visited for a few minutes. I got spoken to about limiting my visiting. Really?????????????? It was just aggravating because all I was doing was being polite. I guess now I know what PS was talking about when she said something the other day about looking for something different because of the silence there. The silence at work is almost deafening at times.

    Yikes.... That sounds annoying. I hope things get better there or you find some place you will find fulfilling!
      Oh I can't stand working in silence... It drives me crazy!! We talk with my guys almost all day long and that's why we can work more effective - we understand each other better.
      So I can understand you well ... It's really annoying when you cant even talk to people... Who was you spoken about it? Was it your boss? If no - I would say just forget about it, communicate to people and be polite is absolutely natural.
      Wish you'll find your way...
      My suporvisor the assistant manager of the place is the one who said something to me because the owner of the company said something to him. I was talking to the guy in shipping.

      I was going to put this in my blog and go into how socialization is part of maslow's hierarchy of needs. I just checked and it is right in the middle of the pyramid of needs. Biological and safety needs are the bottom two needs in the pyramid then belonging in the middle and esteem and self actualization are the top two.

      I know I don't work well in teams or groups but as a shift we are a group and we all do our own thing but people work better when they work happy. People are more able to work happy if they get to socialize a bit.
      Absolutely true about the social needs. Have you tried maybe finding somewhere outside of work to socialize? Maybe that would help fulfill you and still not get you in trouble at your job. Sounds like your manager or whoever made the rule has a BIG lack of understanding of effective leadership.
        11/01/13 is the extent of my socialization at this point. Now that we have a car again I need to start going to church again even if it is just the United Methodist church here in town. We don't have the gas money at this point to go where I was going before the car broke down over a year ago. (it took us almost 7 months to replace the car we had with another one). Maybe if I start taking the girls to the church here in town I will finally meet people here in town and maybe even make friends of my own instead of trying to make friends with my husbands friends. Trying to make friends with his friends isn't working. I think I pissed a bunch of people off when I was pregnant because I posted a comment on facebook about how life is a "find out who your friends are" experience and how sometimes family is not only your best friends they are your only friends. Nobody has talked to me since. Oh well. So it goes.

        We do socialize a tiny bit when the bosses are not around for a really long time. We look around for them first than we either walk to another person to talk for a few seconds or we just yell across the room if we don't care who hears it. It sucks having to sneak around to talk to people. It can take over an hour to have a two minute conversation sometimes.

        Yesterday morning was fun. There was a small group of us ladies in the front section and we were all three bitching about one person who thinks her shit don't stink and thinks she is in charge when she has no more authority than any of the rest of us. She got moved to a machine in the back section before we started talking. She tried using me as her rug a few days ago than a couple days later we were working together and I kept going with my part of the job and snowballed her in parts and was tossing parts aside in boxes. I guess I pissed her off because yesterday she tried to walk on me again and I stood my ground until she said something. At which point I walked away because it was either walk away or slug her. I am more afraid of getting fired than her swinging back. After I walked away she proceeded to try to use the other lady as a rug. To say the least she is not liked at this point by a few of us. We are all used to running that machine by ourselves. Sometimes the bosses are nice and let a couple people work together on it because it is a lot to try to do by yourself. She needs to learn to work with people instead of treating them like they are in her way and just running over them. I am one of those people that doesn't take to being micromanaged or to people giving me a job and not letting me do it. Either give me a job and let me do it or don't give me a job. This is the second time that one of the hispanic ladies at work has decided that her shit don't stink and tried to run over me and take my job. NOT HAPPENING. I have enough siblings that I know how to not fight fair.
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