Homemade Baby Wipes- No more diaper rash!

I have a friend (and her children's babysitter) who swear by her homemade wipes so I thought I'd pass it along to you guys. Her little one had a terrible case of diaper rash that she just could not get rid of until she stumbled on this homemade helper (and money saver!) She says they work fabulously and neither of her kids have ad a case of diaper rash since.

You take a decent brand of paper towels (so they won't fall apart)- she recommends Vive. Get the 'choose-your-size' kind so each sheet can be split into three. Pull them all apart- little one may be able to help with this!

Stick the pre-torn towels in an old baby wipe container. Add baby oil. Voila, you're done.

Some people add soap, but she says she dislikes the soapy residue and they clean perfectly well without them.

If you wanna get super green about it, use cut up t-shirt squares which you can get for very cheap at yardsales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and giveaways. Sometimes you ca​n get a bag full of the kind that won't sell very well (like high school logos and such) for a couple of dollars for a trash bag of them. Then just throw those babies in the wash and start afresh.

Let me know if any of you try it!

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    I have done this before with paper towels and water because I was out of wipes and didn't get paid for a few days or was out of town. I like to put mine in a zipper baggie then in the wipes box but that is just me being OCD.

    Last winter I took one of the hubb's threadbare t-shirts and let him have the honors of tearing it up into handkerchiefs. I was tired of washing it and folding it. Between the two of us we have enough threadbare shirts (and other clothes) to be able to make quite a few wipes. I had a bottle of baby oil for the longest time that I wasn't using because I didn't really have a use for it so I gave it to a friend of mine who is having twins in a month or so. I will pass this on to her and get my self a bottle of baby oil and try this since we have the shirts to do this with anyway. No more running out of baby wipes. Awesome. Baby wipes will last longer if they are in the diaper bag only.
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      According to the mom and the babysitter, they worked better than the normal ones and were less likely to fall apart. I guess if you have a super pooper you could have one container of Brawny's or whatever the super-strong paper towel is, for the heavy moments, lol!
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