Need some support please

I am 6 weeks along, and during my ultrasound Thursday I found out that my baby implanted very low, close to my cervix. I have to wait until Monday to find out anything, I am seeing a high risk ob to find out if my baby will make it. Has anyone ever been through this? I am really scared.

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    My regular ob told me it didnt look good but to think positive and see what happens Monday. As scared as I am, I don't have a bad feeling. I am very sure I will be high risk and require another c-section. Pelvic rest is ok since I am alone now anyways. I have done hours of research and everything said the placenta can and usually will move up to where it is supposed to be, if it doesnt I could end up with placenta previa. If bed rest brings me a healthy happy baby, Im willing to do that and anything else. I feel like I am bartering with God.
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