i am confussed

My boyfriend has been telling for the past two weeks that I am pregnant and I don't believe him. How true is it that your dude will know if you are pregnant even if you don't thing so. This same thing has happened to me twice. My daughter father told me I was pregnant and I was 3 months. Then my ex told me and I was 8 weeks. and I had lost that baby so I wonder if it is true when a man knows?

    That's the crazy part and kind of makes me feel like I am not because I took some like 3 weeks ago and they all came back negative. I want to have another baby. I just don't want to have false hope. Then I am now on my period. But my body does not look like I am not pregnant. it looks like I am. I had a miscarriage and scared and don't want false hope when I want to have another. IDK!
      thank you Stefany! I felt that I am just scared
      I want to have another baby and scared of miscarrying again. That was my first time and I was pissed and hurt. But I know things happen for a reason. I am just positive and live my life and when it happens it will happen.
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