I just laid baby down in Big Sis's bed because I didn't want to take time to set up the pack n play. About 15-20 minutes into Baby's nap Big Sis goes in and lays down with her. Baby didn't really get a nap. I didn't really want to put her in her bed in our room because hubby is sleeping.

We need a house that has enough rooms for the girls to share a room, we have a room, we have an office, a spare bedroom, and the girls have a toy room. Our trailer just isn't quite big enough. Our girls's room and the office/storage room/ ​spare bedroom, and the bathroom are all a 10 ft x 10 ft room. Our bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen make up the remaining 40 ft of the length of our trailer.

    Amanda Hurley
    I am currently in a similar situation. We have a two bedroom apartment. The kids all share the master bedroom, and hubby and I took to the smaller room. Three kids in a two bedroom is not ideal. I also have number four on the way. It will get better.
    im in that predicament to except i cant put all my kids together because they are 16(boy) 14(girl) 3(girl) and 9 months(boy) and the teenagers would have each other dead by morning so we have mick in his own room the girls in the living room and the baby in our room.
      I agree with Amanda, things will get better. Be grateful that your kids have a roof and fod, so much better than many.
        I ended up putting one of those door knob covers on my daughters door so she couldn't go bug little sis when she is sleeping in there.

        I know it will get better. It just takes time. Our ultimate goal is a small acreage but once we get this place paid off we will probably look for something to rent for a few years. A house with a basement. Living in Iowa I would be a lot more at ease during storm season if we had a basement instead of having to load us all in the car, get up to the school, and get us all inside. I have seen what can happen to a school in a tornado. I am not entirely comfortable being ground level in a school with two levels above.

        Our trailer court has so many stupid rules that try to make this such a fancy court. If they want to be fancy they should do something for their residents. Put in a couple of storm shelters. The middle strip of the court has quite a few empty lots. They could put a storm shelter in at the north end and one at the south end of the central strip. It would be a lot more efficient to run across the street to a storm shelter than to get us all in the car and go up to the school. Granted it is less than an eighth of a mile to the school but it still takes longer than running across the street.
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