Worst Unsolicited Advice

It seems as though when you have a child everyone has advice for you. Some of it is great but some of it makes you wonder what people are thinking.

After I had my daughter lots of people told me I was crazy to co-sleep. I know it's not for everyone but I knew it was for us. I was told she would sleep with me until she graduated, that it was unsafe and a plethora of other things that were anti-co sleeping. Never once did I ask for opinions, mind you.

So as a parent what is the most annoying or worst unsolicited advice that you got?

    That I was only supposed to feed him but every 4 hours and if he could not last that long I had to supplement.

    Since I had a breast reduction I probably would have to supplement.

    Number 3....All exclusively breastfed and with this one donated milk to other babies.
      The worst advice is anything I do not want to hear! LOL! ... There are so many parents that think they parent better than you can! I am not sure I can pinpoint any unsolicted advice ... i try to steer clear of that!
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