Safe Herbs for Mommies-to-be

I was all about the herbs when I was pregnant with my kids..more so with my daughter because some I did not know about until I spoke with my midwife.

"RED RASPBERRY LEAF has been used for centuries by women during pregnancy as nourishing uterine tonic. It has a normalizing effect on the uterus, increasing tone in a lax muscle but relaxing a uterus that is too irritable or has too much tone. It is rich in calcium and iron

NETTLE is highly nutritive and considered one of the very best overall tonics by many herbalists. It has a tonic effect on the kidneys, helping them to eliminate waste products more effectively. Women report an increase in energy when they drink Nettle tea regularly. Used during pregnancy it is believed to decreases the risk of excess bleeding during childbirth. It increases the flow of milk in breastfeeding women, as does dandelion.

DANDELION is a liver tonic. It aids digestion and waste elimination, decreases edema (as does Nettle) and is very high in calcium and other substances that promote bone strength. Nettle and Dandelion are especially good to prevent or treat anemia.

WILD OATS, LEMON BALM, CHAMOMILE, and LAVENDER are highly nourishing and calming to the nervous system.

ALFALFA is high in nutrients.

SPEARMINT and CINNAMON add flavor and aid digestion. Mint is very high in calcium and magnesium. ROSE HIPS add flavor and Vitamin C

STEVIA is a plant that is 200 times sweeter than sugar and has almost no calories. A very small amount is all that is needed. Stevia comes in several forms; add 2-3 small pinches of powdered leaf to a quart of tea as it is infusing or add 1 drop of liquid extract per cup of prepared tea."

The ones that I can vouch for are Nettle, Dadilion, Red Raspberry Leaf (this I still use to regulate my period) and Stevia. You can find more info here:…

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    Amanda Hurley
    I developed PUPPS when I was 20 weeks with this pregnancy. My OB told me there was NOTHING that could be done. Anyone who has had poison ivy rash can attest to the itching in PUPPS. It is relentless. I have a friend who had it with her pregnancy. Dandelion root was recommended by her midwife. It was completely cleared up within three weeks. I was so thankful, I serious thought I was going to be stuck inside my house for the remainder of my pregnancy. I looked like a leper.
      I have Red Raspberry Leaf in my Chasteberry blend tea for fertility, aptly named Fertilitea. That one and the pregnancy tea have lemongrass in them. Helpful AND yummy. Thanks for the info on the other herbs!
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