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I don't have to deal with it now, but when married to my ex I had a few dealings with his ex wife who was also the mother of his children AND high school sweetheart. My advice is nog popular or easy. But remember that at some point they cared for eachother. Whatever circumstances came about to end that happened for a reason and has nothing to do with you. Be the women your man has chosen and he'll remember why he's not with her. Be supportive but firm. The last thing a man wants to come home to is a woman who thinks about his past.

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    I had to deal with it at first and continued on for almost 10 yrs now. His ex and I are mutual friends now and we share ideas and comments about their daughter (who's now 14). It took along time for me to get over the feelings they had for each other, especially at times when she needed to talk to him about his daughter. It got to the point where she was calling him for everything, including her personal life, and he had to tell her to stop because it was starting to stress him out. Then with the visitation, it was supposed to be every OTHER weekend and every OTHER major holiday, alternating Christmas and Thanksgiving too, it was every weekend, school break, holiday, etc. etc., and it got to whenever she needed a break or their daughter cried and whined about her daddy. So girl, I totally understand about what you are going through!!!!
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