I like quality & a bargain!

My favorite diapers are the Pampers Swaddlers. They just smell and feel SO amazing. However, let's be real, they are EXPENSIVE! Recently we've been buying the "biggest box" of Luvs from Walmart.com. They aren't the Swaddlers, but honestly, I really like the quality and scent of them. 216 size 2 diapers for $30 on rollback!
For wipes, we've been buying the Pampers "baby fresh" box of 504 wipes. (I like everything in bulk) They cost around $11 on Walmart.com. Again, I really like the scent & quality!
Thankfully, Aubrielle hasn't had a diaper rash yet! She has a little redness maybe once every other week. But, it's nothing that a little Butt Paste can't get rid of!

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    I use Pampers swaddlers, All other diapers didn't work for us. I used breast milk to clear up the rash she got from huggies brand.
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