One thing you didn't expect during pregnancy

During pregnancy is there something that totally caught you off guard or something that you did not expect?

For me it was extreme fatigue. I was so tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I got.

    High blood pressure! I had never had high blood pressure before in my life. All of a sudden, when I hit 36 weeks, my blood pressure started to rise. At 37 1/2 weeks I started getting terrible headaches and felt light headed often. At my 38 week appointment, my blood pressure was EXTREMELY high. (for me) So I was sent upstairs to be induced. Thank God I had my hospital bag packed early! My husband rushed home to grab it and came back! I guess being induced is another thing that TOTALLY caught me off guard! I hadn't eaten, and my husband and I were going to go to lunch after my 38 week appointment. That never happened! Thankfully, one of the nurses brought me a turkey sandwich. I was afraid they wouldn't let me eat!
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