How to clean baby ears?

No cotton swabs in the ear. In fact, never insert anything into your baby's ear canal - it can damage the eardrum. To keep baby's ears clean, wipe them daily with a warm washcloth. We usually recommend that parents not mess with earwax at all - it won't bother your baby, it doesn't cause ear infections, and it won't affect his hearing. Earwax is a completely normal substance that helps keep germs and foreign bodies out of the inner ear. Plus, the wax eventually falls out, whether you see it or not.
What I do to clean my baby's ears is wipe them with a wash cloth and put lotion on the dry spots. If I see any ear wax I just clean it out gently with my finger nail, never stick a q-tip in a babies ear.

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    We asked our pediatrician and she told us something similiar. Earwax is normal and helps protect the inner ear. For the most part, I use either my finger nail or a kleenex while I am nursing if I notice any wax that can be wiped away. We also will wipe her ears with a warm wash cloth on bath nights.
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