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My husband and I tried to conceive for almost two years before we were pregnant. I had a LOT of tests done. (bloodwork on days 3 and 21 of my cycle, an ultrasound to look at my reproductive organs & a VERY PAINFUL HSG test to see if my tubes were open) They also tested my husband's semen. After all of the tests, my OB informed me that there was NOTHING wrong with either of us. He called it "unexplained infertility" and put us on clomid. Two months later we were pregnant with Aubrielle!

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    My advice to anyone who is frustrated & afraid that they won't have their little one; DON'T GIVE UP! I honestly thought I'd never be pregnant. Now Craig and I are parents to a beautiful 3 month old with QUITE a personality!
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    Hey everyone, I'm new here! I'm a mommy to a beautiful baby girl born in November 2013. My husband Craig and I have been happily married since April 2011. I'll apologize now, I take TOO MANY pictures of the little lady!