How to make fresh all natural baby food!!!

to all moms out there! I've got a good all natural simple baby food (or snack for you) recipe!

If you've never made your own baby food before, it's really easy, cheap and is very healthy for baby. You can also eat it as a snack because all it takes is a fruit or veggie or both!

What you'll need:
A cooking pot
A steamer (no cooking pot necessary for self steamer)
A veggie peeler
A knife
A bowl
Baby Spoon
Baby Food Grinder
and any fruits/ veggies you

Optional: if you'd like to make a bunch of baby food for a week, get little containers to put in the fridge. Bananas do not store.

For this recipe, I've used Mango and Pear. It REALLY good!
1.) Fill the pot up about half way with water, and turn the temp to boil
2.) All you do is peel and cut the pear and mango. Tip~Cut the fruit like you would a potato for making mashed potatoes. (in little squares)
3.) Make sure there are no stems or seeds.
4.) Put the fruits in the steamer. For my dad and I, we have a layered bamboo steamer we got at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Walmart sells steamers. There's also special steamers for making baby food right next to the baby food grinders. I got mine at Walmart, by the company Munchkin.

5.) Check the fruits every 5-10 minutes to see if they are mushy enough to grind up. This can be done by sticking the fruits with a fork.

6.) Once the fruits are done, one fruit kind at a time, spoon the fruits into the baby grinder and grind them up. If you want to make a blended baby food, ( I really suggest peas and carrots or mango and pear) then feel free to blend them. The grinder I got allows you to feed baby the fresh ground up foodz from the top of the grinder, which is shaped like a bowl.

7.) For storing the baby food, be sure to label the date on the container.

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    Thanks for sharing this, it will be so helpful to new moms!
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