Moms, rather live in a town or big city?

I'd rather live in a small town or in the country. It's less noisy and more comfortable than a big city. There aren't many big city's near me, I've been to a few big cities and I don't like the big crowds or traffic jams.

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    I'm a city girl!!! Grew up near SF and now live in Los Angeles... I love it.. I think personally, I would become very bored... For a while when my kids were babies, we lived a bit away from the city in a smaller town and I hated it... I wanted to have more things to do and see.. I wanted them to see monuments and museums and different cultures and races..

    There's a part of me that feels like I would one day be happy in a quieter life.. less hectic.. LESS TRAFFIC fore sure, but... I don't know.. Just the summer days here when it's too hot to do anything or go anywhere, we get restless very quickly....

    To each is own right?
    Yea I like visiting the big cities and all but I love the forest and nature more. I've been to California it's nice, my brother lives over there.
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