Not Drinking Enough? Sippy Cup Help

We weaned holly off of bottles and formula last week and she has been doing great, until she got a fever for 3 days this week and the first day she wouldn't drink any liquid at all unless it was out of a bottle. The next few days she was okay and went back to the sippy cup, but just isn't drinking very much. I feel like it's not nearly as much as she should be. The doc said as long as theres a wet diaper every 6 or so hours she is hydrated...which she is having but they aren't very full. She is drinking...just not much. Is this just getting used to having a sippy full time? How can I get her to drink more? Am I overreacting?

    I don't think you're overreacting... you're just reacting as moms do... But YES.. do NOT go back to bottle... try different sippy cups for her fun... Let her play with a straw and cup... spoon in a bow with water or melted popsicle...

    The diaper amount changes for SURE!!!! The amount of fluid they take in totally changes, but as long as her diaper, isn't dry... Hang in there... don't second guess... You're doing great and so is she.. :)
      I don't think you're overreacting either. When kids get sick it throws a wrench in whatever routine you had set up and it's a pain to get back to it.

      Avery was really sick a few weeks ago and wasn't interested in her cup at all. When she finally felt better it was a struggle to get her back on. I just kept offering her the cup as often as possible. She would just take little sips at a time but pretty soon she was used to it again. Now we're pretty much back to normal.

      I wouldn't go back to bottles. She'll get back to the cup faster if it's her only option.
        it might just be from being sick still , give her popcycles
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