CASH Gifts for your older kids friends?

Gift cards seem to be the way to go now that my kids are 7 and 9... at their parties, there's a table of cards... very rarely do we get a gift... which is great.. I think our kids these days have SOOO much that another barbie or doll or pony or lego set just to buy them something is over kill.. it's nice to have a gift card and let them choose...

MY kids love cash... lol... They love when their family sends them money... Instead of getting my son's friend a gift card, we gave him some pokemon cards and a $10 bill... At first I was worried it was tacky... wrapping up cash for someone else's child... but he was stoked...

Thoughts? Still not sure it's not tacky... BUT then again... if my son got cash from his friends... I would be stoked for him....

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