I don't spank...

I wasn't spanked so it just doesn't occur to me... I have good friends that spank and I personally have never seen it actually work.. the threat of it never seems to phase the child... they don't seem scared and when they are swatted or spanked... they don't act any better... That is my opinion...

My kids dad was told to "pick a switch" when he was punished... and he said it just pissed him off and made him pick the worse one... and he never wanted to spank our kids or punish in that way..

I know some parents believe it works... if done "properly"... For me, it's showing dominance... and you shouldn't have to hit a child to show that...

My opinion..

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      I agree with Christina. I think that a parent needs to follow through with a punishment. One of my close friends just threatens upon more threats and NEVER follows through with what she says. Her kids actually LAUGH at her now.

      I think I was maybe spanked a total of five times before I started telling my mom "that didn't even hurt." My dad would threaten us with "the belt," and the mere threat of being spanked with a belt by my dad was enough for my brother and I. We would high tail it to our rooms on our own! But mom's spanks? Like I said... "didn't even hurt." ;-)
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