10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children under 12

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I have always been concerned about children and electronic devices and I have tried to limit the exposure my children have at a young each. I encourage my children to play outdoors, read real paper books, and spend try using their imaginations. I worry that if a child spends too much time playing with an electronic device that they wont get enough time to develop creative thinking and problem solving. We do not own any video game systems in our home and we never will. We do have iPhone and an iPad but we limit the amount of time the kids can spend on them, they are ours (adults) not the kids.

How much time do you let your children play with electronic handheld devices?

    It's scary how kids get addicted to the new technology these days. im almost 21 and it took me almost two weeks to learn how to use an iphone and my step daughter 7 and can use it better than me. when kids start playing video games thats all they want to do. I have seen it limit there abilities to social with other kids and they tend to not show much interest outside functions, like sports or just being outside in general.
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