What's a normal temp??

For like the past week my temp has been from 99.3 to 99.6. Is that supposed to be normal?

    I felt fine all the way till like yesterday and i feel like i have a head cold kinda.
      A "normal" range is 98.7 - 99.5... You don't have a "fever" until it's 100.2 or up...

      Your body temp will change throughout the day.. it's usually highest in the morning and evening... hormones, ovulation, period, weather. so many things can change it in a small way... It really depends how you feel too...

      You can have a low grade fever (100.2) and feel awful or have a higher temp (103) and feel fine... It's just your body fighting off any illness or bacteria.. a fever is actually GOOD.. unless it get's too high.. I won't take anything for it unless it goes over 102... and only of I feel badly...
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