Possible Trigger- Adam Lanza's father speaks out

Today I read the article posted on Fox 12 Oregon where Peter Lanza speaks out about the horrible tragedy that rocked the town of Sandy Hook.

What are your thoughts on this, as a parent? Do you sympathize with the father? Do you wonder how much more there was to this story of the relationship between father and son?

This is the link to that article, please be aware that it may be upsetting:

    I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for his family members. Yes his son did something horrible and awful and I am so sorry for the victims and their families . His family are victims too. I don't know that I could live with myself if one of my children did something so awful. To a certain extent we are responsible for what our children do and how they turn out even when they are adults but we can't control other peoples action. It is impossible to control our children's action. As parents we have to do the absolute best we can and hope that our children turn out well. I am heartbroken for everyone affected by this awful tragedy.
      I sympathize with everyone involved. Child psychology is murky at best. I have had several students who've had Aspergers and each one of them had drastically different symptoms. And for this family those diagnoses were made decades ago, when we didn't know as much about autism as we do now. Maybe the father was right and there was another disorder plaguing his son that was masked by his aspergers diagnosis. Whatever it was, it's pretty clear that they didn't get the help they needed to avoid this tragedy. I don't know if there is really anyone to blame for that. It's just terrible circumstances. It scares me that people are associating this terrible event with aspergers and autism though. I worry that children and adults with the disorder will be discriminated against.

      As for the father son relationship... I don't know how much of an impact his father could have had on Adams life if he'd been there. It's sad that he has to go through the pain of knowing his son has done such horrible things. It's sad that all those poor children died. It's all just sad.
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