Was i to harsh on him

So i went and got my 6year old son haiden from school. I looked through his backpack and his folder. I got to the bottomn of his bag and i found chapstick. I know he stole it from me cuz he never asked me if he could have it.
So i held up the chapstick and asked how it got there. He couldnt give me an answer. So i said u dont steal from others.

I then made him stand in the corner for 6mins and talked to him about the severity of stealing even small things. But he seemed to not care even when i explained vistors or his friends wont want to bring toys around if they find out he steals from me and told him that what happens when other people steal they start out with small things ans work their way up until they get caught by law.

    I would take to him about the differences of borrow and stealing. Explain why we need to ask others for permission. Maybe he thought since it was yours that it was ok for him to use?
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