My 19 month old daughter just figured out how to climb out of her crib. Put her down for a nap thought she was asleep go up to check on her and she's playing in her room. How do u focus a 19 month old to nap in a toddler bed??

    We put a Halo sleep sack on our toddler once she learned to climb out of her crib. With the sleep sack on she can not lift her leg high enough to climb out of the crib. The sleep sacks are very safe as well. Because the Halo sleep sacks have the zipper at their feet it is almost impossible for them to get them off.
    8Theresa Gould
    What a great suggestion, I wouldn't have thought of the Halo as a solution.

    I use to climb out of my crib but my mom's solution would be considered child whatever in this day and age, but she did it to keep me safe because the bedrooms were on the second floor.

    We only used a crib and toddler bed with our first two. With our first since she had a second story bedroom we used a child proof knob on the door so if she did get out of bed she couldn't get out and fall down the stairs but we could still get in. Neither of them climbed out of their crib and our second daughter was and still is so compliant that she stayed where we put her. She didn't challenge the boundaries, thankfully.
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