Third Trimester

So, I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, four weeks away to be exact! YAY!! Anyway, I am hot all the time, I feel like even when I have the fans running right on me, or the a/c in my office is on, I am still burning up. Also, I have days where I have a lot of energy, and other days where I am just beat, even though I really haven't over extended myself. Is there anyway to help with either of these things that has worked for any of you ladies?

    8Theresa Gould
    I think it's normal. You are basically incubating another human being which keeps you warmer than in a non-pregnant state. Cool cloths on your neck can help. Sucking in ice chips and drinking lots of water can help cool you off. Cool showers or baths can help. As far as energy goes, rest and relax during those low points to conserve for giving birth.
      Oh goodness... I was always hot too! ALWAYS! Like couldn't wear a coat! I would stay hydrated with cold water if you are often hot.. I did and it helped! And wear loose clothing.. I always wore a tank top and then cardigan or wrap.. because the air could flow through better :) I also had days where I had tons of energy and then none at all.. big tip.. rest when you feel like you need to! :)
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