Labor and Daddy not being there

My boyfriend works on the road driving truck... he's gone almost all week long. I'm so scared that I'm going to go into labor and he's not going to be here. He has 2 weeks of vacation scheduled around my due date... I don't really know what to say!! Is there a way I could hold her in until he gets home?! LOL

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    I was right on time with her, only 2 days late, but my water broke and labor lasted 16 hours!! If only I could be so lucky this one will wait!! (I cannot believe I just said that!) :p ... His hotel is 6 hours away where he does his layovers then there's the problem of work finding someone to finish his trip up and get him home... all in all I hope she waits. I'm gonna try the whole just crossing my legs thing and hope for the best hahaha
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      nope , lol
        I , too hope that everything works out as you want...that would be optimal!
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